On tuning in to what's important in 2023

August 2022

Rest, connect, reset, recharge for revolution

July 2022

Small glories and crumbs of joy

April 2022

(But especially this one)

January 2022

Plus: Five principles of eco living

December 2021

Who's really harming the planet?

November 2021

Listen to this post as audio: Well, we did it. We weathered the consumerist onslaught that is Black Friday (and Red Thursday and Cyber Monday . . .) Now…
How do we make politicians take action on the climate crisis?
Listen to this post as audio by clicking here: I have a pile. You might too. It’s a sort of purgatory of things that could use a little TLC, but aren’t…

October 2021

Methane and my attempts to avoid obvious fart jokes

September 2021

Before we begin, since October’s theme is Talk, I decided to record a quick audio version of this edition, in case it’s easier for you to absorb content…
The solvable eco issue you've been waiting for